It's February! Spring is just around the corner and already my garden is showing all the signs that winter is nearly over with daffodils and crocuses popping up all over the place. We just need to hope that the rain stops!

I am pleased to say that I had a very productive week and finished the latest story from Roberts Farm Adventures. It is all about a little rat called Reggie, who lives underneath the barn.  The focus of this story is personal hygiene and features some new characters at the farm that I think you will all find very amusing! 

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Back at the yard, Chewy has made a full recovery.  As a special treat I bought down a toffee fudge cake that we had left over from the weekend. It didn't last long! - watch the video clip above.

Like us, the horses and ponies are all sick of the rain. Most of the bridle paths are blocked or flooded so we are very limited on where we can go riding. The good news is that the milder weather has meant that the grass has started to grow again so at least there is plenty for them to graze on. 

Have a good week.
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It's been a tough week for poor Chewey, the boar. He has been pretty grumpy for the last few weeks and last Monday we found out why. The poor chap had a tusk that was starting to dig into the side of his mouth so the vet was called to come and sort it out. 

Removing a tusk from a pig's mouth is a pretty simple process but it does require the pig to be tranquilised - this is when you put them to sleep with a special medicine that the vet injects into their neck. We moved him into an enclosed spot at the yard where we could make sure he didn't run off. Once he was settled, the vet injected him with the tranquiliser and within twenty minutes he was sound asleep. Removing the tusk literally took a minute, using a sharp piece of wire to saw it off - watch the video clip above.

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Unfortunately it turns out the vet used too much tranquiliser and Chewey became poorly. As he couldn't move for five hours he was very cold and dehydrated - this is when your body doesn't have enough water. We wrapped him in horse rugs and piled straw all around him until he was finally able to move back into his sty later that night. Pokey was an amazing nurse and stayed cuddled up close to him to keep him warm.

In the morning he still wasn't looking much better so I called to vet who advised us to try and rehydrate him with a special liquid that we would have to inject into his mouth. She also suggested that we make him some soup although I dug out all the Christmas chocolates and a big packet of marshmallows which seemed to do the trick and as soon as he was presented with them, he was up on his feet in a flash! 

It took him five days to recover but I am pleased to say he back on form and fighting for his food once again! 

Hope you all had a better week then he did! See you all soon x

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Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and survived the terrible British weather. My family and I were very fortunate to avoid it all and spent the Christmas break in the sunshine. I have to admit it was very nice to escape the mud for a couple of weeks, although it all seems a very long time ago now!

Apart from lots of rain, not much seemed to happen at the yard whilst I was away. The piglets are enormous and in fact were taken to their new home last Friday, as it was time to wean them - this is when the piglets stop having Pokey's milk.  She seemed very happy for them to go and if you watch the video clip above you will see why! I will be paying a visit to the farm, where they have been taken, in the next week or so and see how they are getting on. If we are lucky we might even get to see Alfie, my favourite lama!

Have a good week.

Wow - it's the 13th December...Father Christmas will be coming to visit very soon! This will be my last blog until the New Year as I am going away with the family for the Christmas break. We are all going to miss the farm and our gorgeous animals but I know they are all in good hands. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year and thanks for all your support. 
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Firstly I would like to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my gorgeous daughter, Soukie, who is 10 today. Lets hope 'double figures' does not mean DOUBLE TROUBLE!

The piglets are now over two weeks old and doing really well. Unfortunately two did not make it so we now have nine but they are all strong and fit and growing quickly! Pokey is an amazing mummy and is doing a great job of looking after them all. (Watch the video clip above.)

If you are still doing your Christmas shopping or haven't quite finished your list for Father Christmas, don't forget to ask for a copy of Tummy Trouble at Roberts Farm! Copies are available to buy from our books on the web site.

Have a great week!
It's an exciting day for Roberts Farm Adventures as this afternoon we are having a launch party for our new book, Tummy Trouble at Roberts Farm. Copies are selling fast so make sure you don't miss out on our limited edition Christmas print run, complete with a pull out board game. Order your copy from our website today.
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It has also been a very exciting week at the farm. On Tuesday morning I arrived early to find eleven piglets! We knew on Monday that they were imminent as Pokey started to build her nest in the sty so Chewey was moved out and my sister paid regular visits over the course of the evening. Finally, at 11.30pm, she arrived to see the last piglet being born. 

Poor Chewey is feeling very sorry for himself, as he hates being separated from Pokey. He likes to let us know how unhappy he is by grabbing the edge of his water trough and tipping it up, flooding his sty! 

I will be posting regular updates on how the piglets are getting on so make sure you keep watching.

Have a great weekend.

Only a week left of November...Christmas is just around the corner! I hope you have all written your letters to Santa Claus? Don't forget to include a copy of Tummy Trouble at Roberts Farm.

Winter has certainly arrived...brrrrrrrrrr! I am not a fan of the cold weather but the animals don't seem to mind. Jasper has grown a thick winter coat and looks like a little teddy bear!  As we are expecting the cold weather to last, my sister went shopping for a new winter rug for him yesterday so he is going to look really smart

We have another new addition to the farm - Toby. Toby is Jasper's new BFF! (Watch the video above). He is a 13.1 hand (Jasper is only 11.2 hands) dapple-grey Welsh Section C pony and already the two of them have become inseparable. It is great that the children can now ride out together and play pony club games. He is very friendly and loves a good cuddle but he also likes his food and has a terrible habit of stealing Jaspers!

This week could be an exciting one at the farm as Pokey's piglets are imminent! Make sure you keep watching to get the latest updates!

Have a good week and stay warm.
The sun shines down on Roberts Farm
All the animals are in the barn.
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This cannot be…
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Alas there is bad news to tell
That pony is not doing well!

For in his quest to find sweet treats
A sneaky weasel he did meet
Who showed him to a secret place
Where he could go and stuff his face!


But now he’s stuck, he’s so immense
There is no way he’ll jump the fence!

What will he do? 
He’s all alone...
How will he find his way back home?

Buy our book and you’ll soon see
The fate of little Cassidy!

Amazing news - we pick up our new book, Tummy Trouble at Roberts Farmfrom the printers tomorrow! We will have it available to purchase on the website by the end of the week.

It is the perfect Christmas gift for your younger children; grand children; godchildren or just your friend’s children! As an added extra it also includes a pull out board game that can be played by the whole family.
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With all this rain, the yard is one big mud pit! I have given up trying to stay clean and now have a set of 'yard clothes' that get washed once a week. I turned up at my children's school on Thursday having just done the horses and forgot to take a clean pair of shoes with me so left my wellies at the front door. However, it turns out my socks were even dirtier and covered on straw. To make matters worse, for the first time in weeks I bumped into the head mistress...I felt like a naughty 10 year old again and obviously embarrassed the children!

On a positive note, Jasper, our cheeky pony, is now 'friends' with the pigs! After a lot of perseverance and bribery, he will now happily walk past the pig barn and for the first time yesterday, didn't dig his heels in once! Hurrah! 

The winter is always a bit dull for Pokey and Chewey as they are stuck in the barn, but at least they are dry and warm. To make it more interesting for them, each morning we hide small pieces of fruit/carrots/bread in the straw so they can while away the hours by snuffling for them. (See video clip above). Still no piglets - it appears my sister got her dates wrong!

During the cold, wet winter months we tend to see a lot more of the cats and have given them a couple of old coats to sleep on which they are making full use of. They have a terrible habit of raiding the bin in the feed lorry most evenings and licking out the cat food tins by sticking their heads right inside them - see video clip above! 

Have a good week!

It's been a manic week for Als and I as our second book, Tummy Trouble at Roberts Farm, is off to the printers on Friday!  We are so excited as it looks fabulous. 

Set in a rustic thatched barn on Robert’s Farm, this is the tale of Cassidy, a greedy little pony, who gets into no end of trouble when his grumbling tummy gets the better of him!

It will available to purchase on this site by the 8th November. 

(Click the link above to watch the movie clip)

The clocks go back this weekend and with winter just around the corner, last week it was time for Chewey and Pokey to return to the yard. We always knew that this could be a potential challenge as Jo and Jasper, our newest recruits, have never met the pigs before and we know from experience that horses are generally not that keen on our porky friends!

It turns out Jo really isn't that bothered, just very inquisitive. However, little Jasper is terrified. To help them all adjust we decided to let the horses graze in the area around the yard for a few days. It's clearly worked as this morning Jasper happily trotted out of his stable and seemed much more settled, although he stays very close to Jo! (Watch the video above!)

Have a good week and fingers crossed we have a few days without any rain!