It's been a manic week for Als and I as our second book, Tummy Trouble at Roberts Farm, is off to the printers on Friday!  We are so excited as it looks fabulous. 

Set in a rustic thatched barn on Robert’s Farm, this is the tale of Cassidy, a greedy little pony, who gets into no end of trouble when his grumbling tummy gets the better of him!

It will available to purchase on this site by the 8th November. 

(Click the link above to watch the movie clip)

The clocks go back this weekend and with winter just around the corner, last week it was time for Chewey and Pokey to return to the yard. We always knew that this could be a potential challenge as Jo and Jasper, our newest recruits, have never met the pigs before and we know from experience that horses are generally not that keen on our porky friends!

It turns out Jo really isn't that bothered, just very inquisitive. However, little Jasper is terrified. To help them all adjust we decided to let the horses graze in the area around the yard for a few days. It's clearly worked as this morning Jasper happily trotted out of his stable and seemed much more settled, although he stays very close to Jo! (Watch the video above!)

Have a good week and fingers crossed we have a few days without any rain!



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