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Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and survived the terrible British weather. My family and I were very fortunate to avoid it all and spent the Christmas break in the sunshine. I have to admit it was very nice to escape the mud for a couple of weeks, although it all seems a very long time ago now!

Apart from lots of rain, not much seemed to happen at the yard whilst I was away. The piglets are enormous and in fact were taken to their new home last Friday, as it was time to wean them - this is when the piglets stop having Pokey's milk.  She seemed very happy for them to go and if you watch the video clip above you will see why! I will be paying a visit to the farm, where they have been taken, in the next week or so and see how they are getting on. If we are lucky we might even get to see Alfie, my favourite lama!

Have a good week.



01/20/2014 1:31pm

Lovely to hear your voice!
And very nice to watch some countryside stories. Actually I find it pretty peacefully to see the animals on the farm. Maybe a good concept for the/a new book..?
Bedtime for all the animals on the farm..
; )
See ya


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