Amazing news - we pick up our new book, Tummy Trouble at Roberts Farmfrom the printers tomorrow! We will have it available to purchase on the website by the end of the week.

It is the perfect Christmas gift for your younger children; grand children; godchildren or just your friend’s children! As an added extra it also includes a pull out board game that can be played by the whole family.
Click on the link above to watch the video clip.

With all this rain, the yard is one big mud pit! I have given up trying to stay clean and now have a set of 'yard clothes' that get washed once a week. I turned up at my children's school on Thursday having just done the horses and forgot to take a clean pair of shoes with me so left my wellies at the front door. However, it turns out my socks were even dirtier and covered on straw. To make matters worse, for the first time in weeks I bumped into the head mistress...I felt like a naughty 10 year old again and obviously embarrassed the children!

On a positive note, Jasper, our cheeky pony, is now 'friends' with the pigs! After a lot of perseverance and bribery, he will now happily walk past the pig barn and for the first time yesterday, didn't dig his heels in once! Hurrah! 

The winter is always a bit dull for Pokey and Chewey as they are stuck in the barn, but at least they are dry and warm. To make it more interesting for them, each morning we hide small pieces of fruit/carrots/bread in the straw so they can while away the hours by snuffling for them. (See video clip above). Still no piglets - it appears my sister got her dates wrong!

During the cold, wet winter months we tend to see a lot more of the cats and have given them a couple of old coats to sleep on which they are making full use of. They have a terrible habit of raiding the bin in the feed lorry most evenings and licking out the cat food tins by sticking their heads right inside them - see video clip above! 

Have a good week!



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