There hasn't been much going on down at the farm this week. The piglets are now nearly three weeks old and getting bigger and bigger by the day! Pokey is doing an excellent job of feeding and caring for them. We thought their tummy's were finally too big to allow them to escape through the bars of the gate of their sty, but it turns out they can just about squeeze through if they turn their bodies sideways! My sister is taking three of them along to her children's school fete on Saturday so I am hoping I will be able to go along too and see how she gets along! I have a feeling it could be complete chaos so worth a watch next week!

Bagel, the new horse, is doing really well. As he hadn't been ridden for over a year when he arrived at the yard it is really important that he is bought back into work very slowly. For the last week he has just been taken up the road, walking at a gentle pace, which will gradually improve his fitness levels. In the next week or so he can start doing a bit of trot work and hopefully by the middle of July he will be a lot stronger and capable of hacking out further, and going faster.

Chewey, the boar, is very happy back up in the top fields although I know he will be missing Pokey. Not long until they can be reunited!

Have a good weekend and make sure you watch next week to see how the piglets got on at the school fete!



05/19/2013 12:52pm

Love the blog. I know I see it every day, but it seems different somehow seeing it on film. Lara x

Anya Faulkner
05/19/2013 11:05pm

Stop reading my blog and get on with your revision!!! Good luck with the exam on Tuesday - looking forward to hanging out with you again!


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